Converting frame-based sites

The whole purpose

Determing the number of pages and the frame size

Rename the main file to index.html

The whole purpose

A frame based site is a web page consisting of several pages. This method sometimes causes problems with search engines. Therefore frames are better to be avoided. For details about the bluetronix’s solution for this problem see The bluetronix layout conception.

Determining the number of pages and the frame size

The following example shows how to find details about the frame set saved in a file like index.html. Open the  Page management select the index.html file and press Edit. Within the editor switch to the  Code view. Determine the linked pages and the frame sizes of the frame-set. Leave the editor without saving by clicking on Back.

Rename the main file to index.html

The index.html file is the first page that will be loaded in your browser when your web site is accessed. By renaming any other file, like the home.html, into index.html, this page will become the new first page to be displayed in a browser.


To do this you are advised to back up the old file first, by  Renaming it to something like index_old.html. Now select the home.html (or named similar) which is the site loaded into the main frame of the frame-set and rename it to index.html.

Layout – adjust area division

Open  Layout -> Edit layout, activate like usual the necessary areas. Now you can choose a linking page for each area as starting page by clicking on  Select page.


Here the determined frame sizes of the old frame set can be entered too. Finally save the layout and check the result.