Domain management

Registering a domain

Changing your ISP

Domain status display

What is a main domain?

Changing your main domain

Registering a domain

Go to  Contract -> Domain Management to order additional domain names to your existing web package. To create a new domain, please enter the name of your domain into the line ‘Order a Domain’, select the preferred type of domain in the drop down box and click on Order. Your new domain will be registered automatically and will become available (depending on the type of domain) within 6 to 48 hours.

Changing your Internet Service Provider (ISP)

Go to the domain management as seen in ‘Registering a domain’. After a domain got registered a ‘Change ISP’ button will appear next to the domain name. This is a convenient way to Change your ISP. If you are not the owner of the domain or something else went wrong you are able to Delete the domain.

Now print the letter of agreement to change your provider, sign the paper and send it to your previous ISP a copy to us as well (the address will be stated). After confirmation from the ISP, the domain status will show the green signal.

Domain status display

* Red - This should disappear after circa 2 minutes. Otherwise this says that the domain was not registered successfully. A possible reason can be that you are trying to move a domain from one subscription to the other on the same server. To do this, take care first to delete the domain of one subscription before registering again at another subscription.


 Yellow - The domain is registered to the server but not yet ready to be used. A possible reason is that the ISP did not confirm your request yet. If the status does not change and you do not receive any confirmation, contact your ISP.


* Green – The domain is registered successfully and is ready to use.

What is a main domain

If you have registered various domains, the different URL addresses all point to the main domain of your subscription. There always is just one main domain per subscription.

Reasons why you would want to register different domain names could be that you want to refer visitors to your website despite possible spelling mistakes or you want to user various top-level domains.

Changing your main domain

The  Set as main domain button can be found in the  Contract -> Domain management, next to all active (green signal) domain names. After switching to a new main domain, log out of editing mode and type your main domain address into the browser bar. Now you can enter editing mode again.

Note: It is strongly advisable to switch the main domain only after recent registration or after a recent ISP change. It can have unintended consequences if you change the main domain name of an ongoing project which may already be online since a couple of months or even years. The main domain name is the target of the search engine so changes lead to a lot of the homepage ratings and of all external links to your website.