Setting up the CMS forum module

Changing and deleting data from the forum

Editing the forum sites – customising the layout

The module ‘forum’ is essential to build up your own web community. Unlimited threads can be started by the users and unlimited replies can be posted. Threads are sorted by their modification timestamp therefore the thread with the most recent post is in the top position. The postings are listed as they have been created so it is possible to follow the conversation.


For an example see

It is possible to customise the page layout and configure the number of threads per page as well as the number of posts per page. To improve performance older threads/posts exceeding the maximum number of threads/posts per page will be moved to subsequent pages.


The forum is search engine friendly so that a discussion entry found by a search will display the thread’s title and topic. The entire page will be stored on the server to prevent the display of incomplete sites.


The statistics will keep records of how many posts there are, number of views, posting time, user names and the author’s IP addresses. To provide a better overview, a full text search which will scan only inside a forum’s datasets.


A name, email address and a comment can be entered through the post page. Additionally, links, images and smileys can be added. Embedding these elements is safe. Any HTML tags and PHP scripts from visitors won’t be executed.

The forum will automatically send a confirmation email to the author of a post. Inappropriate entries can be deleted. Because all email functions of the bluetronix software support POP3, SMTP and IMAP, it gives you the option to receive a forum post straight away on your mobile phone or PDA.

Changing and deleting forum posts can be done easily by using the editing buttons.

By combining a forum with a Secure area  the whole forum or single threads can be password protected. In this setting, only registered users will be able to post into the forum. Because a registration requires an email address it is easy to block a user from misusing a forum.


Combining a forum with the Newsletter module allows you to send new information about a forum to all registered users.

Setting up the CMS forum module

While in editing mode click on  Modules -> Forum and select a  Directory then click create forum. The module creates the underlying database and all required files. Now your forum is accessible via URL /forum/forum.html. To link your new forum to your menu, click on   Edit menu and create a new menu item called ‘forum’. Click on  Create link and select the ‘forum.html’ in the ‘forum’ folder. Finally save the menu and check the result.

Changing and deleting data from the forum

Changing and deleting forum posts can be done easily by using the database buttons,     . While a post is loaded in Editing mode, these buttons are placed next to each entry representing a dataset. By clicking on  Edit dataset, the dataset will open up in the Database editor.


database view, here the forum

In the editor, text and descriptions can be added or modified. Threads are sorted by their posting times. This means that the thread with the most recent posting time stamp will be in top position.


 To delete an inappropriate entry, thread or post, just click on the delete symbol next to the thread or post. For further information about changing datasets, please refer to Edit datasets.

Editing the forum sites – customising the layout

The bluetronix software allows you to customise the Database template, the guestbook.html as well as the entry.html file. To edit the web page, click on the Edit symbol.


The forum’s thread site

While a page is loaded in the editor, its layout, colours and background image can be modified. For further information about how to customise a site in the editor see the chapter The homepage editor. Instructions on how to change the global layout can be found at Edit layout.


Through Multiple installation, different forums can be created, for example forums in different languages or about different topics.