HTML code view

Code view example

The editor includes a so called HTML code view. Experienced web page designers can optimise their website by using HTML, Java and CSS programming languages.


 The code view is an additional feature for experienced users, it is not necessary to have any programming skills to use the general bluetronix software.



The HTML code view displays different tags in different colours to create a convenient overview. The code view lets you change the whole HTML code including <HTML> <HEAD> and <BODY>.

Code view example

Open a new page in the Editor and swap to the Code view. HTML Tags are displayed in brackets: ‘< ... >’. Search ‘<BODY>’ and enter following line:


<b>This is the -bold- tag</b>


By clicking again on Code view again, you are back in normal editing view. Now the text is displayed in bold letters.

Again go to the Code view and enter the following code:


<a href="javascript:alert('Hallo')">click here</a>

Change back to normal view and  Save your site. Close the editor and click on the string ‘Click here’ on your homepage.

This line of code <a href=““>... Text... </a> creates a link. The target of the link is defined by href=“... “. This example uses a Java Script function called ‘alert’, which results in a popup window displaying ‘Hello’.


More details on how to use HTML, Javascript and CSS on web pages is available in various news groups and forums.