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Setting up the CMS news page module

Adding and changing news

News page with individual layout

Inform your visitors regularly about upcoming news on your homepage. The ‘News page’ module is the proper tool for that. It makes it possible to present information in a uniform chronological order. Regular changes get appreciated by search engines, which in turn will rank your page higher.



The module ‘News page’ consists of a list of news items, sorted by entry date and news details. You define how many news will be displayed per page. If the number of news entries exceeds the maximum number of entries per page, older entries will move to additional pages. This means that visitors are still able to read older news at any time.


Feel free to customise layout, number of entries per page and size of images etc. Image sizes will be calculated and fit automatically, making time consuming picture cropping unnecessary.


For example see

News entries can also be imported into the database through files in CSV or TXT format. You can choose to use the ‘table view’ or the ‘row view’ for editing and publishing news. The ‘table view’ make it possible to import and export data from/to Excel. The      Database buttons provide you with functions required to edit news entries. This means you can publish, edit or delete news directly while being in editing mode.


The detailed description of news can be written in HTML. Just switch from the ‘dataset view’ to the editor. Here news entries can be described in more detail, for example add images or links to the producer, link to manuals, or PDF files or create references to similar articles.

Setting up the CMS news page module

While in editing mode, click on  Module -> News, then start the set-up by pressing ‘Create news’. The module automatically creates the underlying database and installs all required files into a ‘news’ directory. Now the news page becomes accessible via the URL To link the news page with your menu, go to  Edit menu and create a new menu item called ‘News page’. Then click    Create link and choose the file news.html in the /news/ directory. Save the menu and check the result.

Adding and changing news

The database buttons     , give you access to modify news entries. While a news item is in Editing mode, it will show up these buttons. By clicking on  Edit dataset the dataset will be opened in the Database editor.


Database viewer, here the shopping-cart system

Now images and descriptions can be added effortless. News entries get automatically sorted by their insert date, so the most recently added entry will be display as first on the list.

News page with individual layout

Bluetronix software allows you to edit Database templates of the news page by clicking on   Edit site.


Editing database templates, here the news page

The editor allows you to customise layouts, image sizes and their arrangements and much more. A detailed description of how to edit a template can be found at Edit database templates. Instructions about how to customise layouts can be found at Edit layout .