Secure areas

Setting up the CMS secure area module

Editing the login page – customising the layout

The module ‘Secure area’ enables you to protect directories and/or single files against unauthorised access. For example, the page ‘staff members’ should be accessible just for registered users logging in or in a forum only registered users should be able to publish comments. If an unregistered user tries to open a password protected site, a page with login prompt as well as a ‘forgot my password’ field will show up. After successful logging in the user will be identified and is able to proceed to the protected area. Depending on configuration a user logging into one area might need to re-register for a different secure area.

For example, a user has logged into the staff member area but cannot post comments in the forum. But it is possible to allow different user groups to access different secure areas.


For an example see

With the help of the ‘register’ function, a user can become registered automatically or semi-automatically (i. e., administrator need to activate their account before the user is able to login) depending on the settings. User data like name, email address and newsletter requests will be saved. If a user forgot the password, he can use the ‘forgot my password’ field to enter the email address and receive a new password via email. The entered address thereby needs to be assigned to a user in the system.


You can easily switch on password protection for a directory or a web page by using the ‘Site manager’. To do so, select the directory/web page and apply a respective user group in the password protection window.


You can create as many secure areas as you like. During the installation process user groups, login pages, register pages and the ‘forgot my password’ page will be created automatically. Multiple user groups can be assigned to a secure area. And you can apply users to groups.


In combination with the module ‘Newsletter’, you are able to select user groups. This allows for providing individual newsletter for different user groups. For example, send information to staff members that belong to the user group ‘staff member’ or forum news to the user group ‘forum’.


Directories and web sites of modules like the shop system, the forum, the photo album etc. can be password protected, too. This way advanced systems e.g.,  a shop system with registration, a shop system showing prices just to registered resellers or product presentations for registered users can be established.

Setting up the CMS secure area module

While in editing mode, click on  Modules ->Secure areas and choose a  Directory, which will be password protected.


You can define a start up web page through the field ‘Start site’.


Fill an email address in the field ‘Admin e-mail’ so that information about each user registration can be send to this address.


By choosing the option ‘Auto reg’ any user registering, will automatically be authorised to login after a successful registration. If you leave this box unchecked, you will have to activate each account after registration by using the User manager.

The option ‘mail pwd’ means that a user will receive their password after registration via email. This way, the entered email address needs to be verified, because if an invalid address was entered the user will not receive their password. This limits possibilities of a misuse of the account.


Through the field ‘Redirect’ you enter how long the delay time will be, before a user will be redirected to the starting page after successfully logging in.


To start the installation process, click ‘create’, this will create user groups, password protection for directories and login pages, registration pages and the ‘forgot my password’ page.


The secure area now is accessible via the URL

To link a password protected are to your menu, click  Edit menu and create a new menu item called ‘Secure area’. Click  Create link and select the ‘index.html’ file in the ‘secure’ directory. Save the menu and check the result. 


 If you want to check the function of the secure area you will have to log out

 first because the admin account has access to all secure areas.


For further information about user groups see the chapter User system.

Editing the login page – customising the layout

The bluetronix software allows you to customise your ‘login.html’ page. This website contains functions necessary for login, logout, forgot my password, registration and change user details.


These functions are provided by PHP script, which can be customised through  Settings -> PHP code . To customise the web page, click on  Site manager in the main menu, go to the ‘secure’ directory, select the ‘login.html’ file and click Edit.


Log-in page in the editor

While a page is loaded in the editor, it is possible to change layout, colours and background. For further information, please refer to the chapter Homepage editor. Instructions on how to customise global layout of your website can be found at Customising layout.


Setting up the module multiple times makes it possible to create different secure areas. For example an order process in the Shopping-cart system or posting comments in the Forum.