Site management (file management)

The file manager can be found at the main menu’s site management.



This window allows you to search your hard drive for suitable files and upload them onto the web server.


Create site
Create directory
Delete file or directory
Copy file
Paste file
Preview file
Download file
Password protected files and directories, see Secure areas

     Edit, opens the file in the respective editor for example the image editor  ,if it is a image, the

     HTML editor if it is a HTML file or the text editor  if it is a text file.


     File type filter, show all files, just HTML files, just images or just documents

Rename file or directory


The small version of a file manager can be opened within the bluetronix software by clicking the File manager  symbol. Here files and directories can be created, copied and renamed. When creating a link, you can use the file manager straight away to create a new file and link to that page.