Website search – full-text search

Setting up the CMS module text search

Editing the search sites – customising the layout

The search function scans all publicly accessible websites for an entered search term. Multiple terms need to be separated by white spaces. You can define the number of search results displayed per page. Additionally you can customise the page layout. The search result will show title, link and excerpt including the highlighted search term from any web page found matching.


For an example see

To scan within password protected directories, you need to be logged in.


You can restrict the search process to certain directories and subdirectories. This way, it is possible to install several search functions for different categories. Just restrict each text search to the respective directory.


The modules Shop and Forum contain preset search functions which are restricted to their module area.

Setting up the CMS module text search

While in editing mode, click on  Modules -> Text search and select a  Directory then click Create search function. The module creates the underlying database, a search.html file and a searchresult.html file. Now the search site is accessible via URL


The search interface can be displayed within a different window, for example in the top area of the main web site. To achieve this behaviour,    Edit the search.html site, select the interface as shown in the picture below and press Copy.



Then edit the web page you want to use to display a search function, for example top.html, and paste the interface into the position on the web page.

Editing the search sites – customising the layout

The bluetronix software allows for customisation of Database template, the search.html file as well as the searchresult.html file. To edit a website, click on the Edit symbol.


Web page, searchresult.html in editor

While a web page is loaded in the editor its layout, colours and background image can be modified. For further information about how to customise a website in the editor see the chapter The homepage editor. Instructions on how to change the global layout can be found at Edit layout.


By Multiple use of the module, different search functions can be created, for example allowing to search in different languages or referring to different folders.